LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – McConnell Senate Committee campaign manager Kevin Golden released the following statement on Amy McGrath’s support for Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry:

“Failed liberal politician Amy McGrath launched her campaign lying to Kentuckians about wanting to work with President Trump – whose victory she previously compared to the worst terror attack in American history. Now, McGrath stands in lockstep with Speaker Pelosi and ‘fully supports’ her impeachment inquiry. In a matter of mere months, McGrath went from creating the illusion that she is a ‘Trump Democrat’ to crowning herself Grand Marshal of the Democrats’ impeachment parade.

“As with when McGrath gave diametrically different answers to the question of whether she would have voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, McGrath previously stated that ‘impeachment would be the wrong course’ before Democrats began their search for more Senate candidate options in Kentucky. Yet another flip-flop makes it all the more clear that McGrath is a political opportunist who values the contributions from her California donors over the convictions of the people of Kentucky.

“Amy McGrath’s pattern of pandering to the far-left continues to prove the experts right: she is ‘fundamentally unelectable‘ in Kentucky.”