Mitch McConnell, Murray Ledger-Times

In this paper, a Kentucky Democrat activist recently attacked my record of representing Kentucky in the U.S. Senate. His column was filled with misleading statements and outright falsehoods. The columnist may prefer Nancy Pelosi’s far-left vision for the Commonwealth and our country, but the overwhelming majority of Kentuckians do not.

Prominent Democrats are proposing dangerous ideas like the Green New Deal and imposing government-run medicine that destroys Medicare leaving us with “Medicare for None.” Their schemes would wreck our economy, cost your family hundreds of thousands of dollars and give the government control over your life.

Republicans, on the other hand, continue to offer real solutions to grow your paychecks, secure our border and protect your neighborhoods. Out of the four highest ranking members of Congress, I’m the only one who’s not from New York or California. I proudly use my position as Majority Leader to stand up for Kentucky and rural America.

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