“Mitch is fighting for the working people of Kentucky.” 

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Team Mitch today released a new statewide ad sharing stories from across Kentucky from the workers and job creators who have been saved by the CARES Act, a coronavirus rescue package led to passage by Sen. Mitch McConnell. “Saved” highlights the stories of Kentuckians who were able to keep their businesses afloat and continue paying their employees as the nation battled the coronavirus.

“While Amy McGrath ignores Kentuckians, Senator McConnell is working nonstop to save jobs and businesses across the Commonwealth,” said McConnell Senate Committee campaign manager Kevin Golden. “Kentuckians rightfully put their trust in Senator McConnell to deliver for them during times of crisis, and he isn’t letting them down. Senator McConnell’s continued leadership ensures that Kentucky is at the front of the line in a time of crisis instead of the back where McGrath’s New York and California donors want us.”

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TIM FARMER: The coronavirus created a crisis for Kentucky and our jobs.

STEVE BOSCO: We were worried about what would happen to our employees.

JENNIFER WASHBURN: We didn’t have time for politics. Kentucky was hurting.

LYNN FARMER: It’s a good thing we have a leader like Mitch McConnell.

JENNIFER WASHBURN: Mitch quickly passed the PPP, which saved my business and the jobs of my employees.

JAY TAPSCOTT: The Paycheck Protection Program saved our butts.

MELANIE KAUFMAN: Because of Mitch McConnell, our employees never missed a paycheck.

STEVE BOSCO: Mitch is fighting for the working people of Kentucky.

MELANIE KAUFMAN: Mitch is always looking out for the little guy.

MITCH MCCONNELL: I’m Mitch McConnell, and I approved this message.



The CARES Act has made a more than $12 billion impact on Kentucky, steering money to community services, hospitals, schools, businesses, and state and local governments. 

  • $1.723B was allocated to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and local governments. Of this funding, local governments have received more than $300M from the Commonwealth.
  • Kentucky hospitals have received nearly $1.3B from the Healthcare Provider Fund, the second most from the fund among states our size.
  • Community health centers have received $32M for testing and treatment at their facilities, and rural communities received $2.2M to upgrade telehealth services.
  • Schools of all levels, childcare providers, and students have received nearly $474M.
  • Housing programs received $94M to continue serving their communities.

The CARES Act sent more than $3.2B in direct payments to 1.87 million Kentucky families and workers.

More than 48,000 Kentucky small businesses, farmers, and nonprofits received a total of $5.2B Paycheck Protection Program loans, a program established by Sen. McConnell’s CARES Act.