Mitch McConnell, Courier-Journal

A recent column in this paper, written by an executive from a liberal New York special-interest group, claimed to speak for Kentucky families in support of the Democrats’ Green New Deal.

It’s always funny, but never surprising, when far-left activists from places like New York or California presume to know what Kentuckians think. But something was surprising about this particular column: It blasted me for announcing the Senate will soon vote on legislation that she actually supports.

Earlier this year, with the horrors of socialism on full display in Venezuela, a Democrat who proudly identifies as a socialist proposed the Green New Deal in Congress.

Its sponsors call climate change an urgent crisis. They say it can bring the world to an end in just over a decade.

I quickly announced that I will bring their plan to the Senate floor for a vote, giving every member an opportunity to publicly show if they think this legislation is good for American families.

I’m not sure I remember another time when the champions of a legislative proposal were this upset they were getting a chance to actually vote on it. But we already know this: The Democratic leader of the Senate has refused to endorse it, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called it the “green dream” and has no plans to even hold a vote.

I’ll oppose this ludicrous plan because I believe progress can be made through realistic changes — not radical, socialist policies like the Green New Deal that would uproot life as we know it.

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