McGrath Joins Liberal Elite Donors To Make Fun Of Kentucky Values

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Team Mitch today released a new ad revealing the disdain extreme Amy McGrath and her liberal allies have for Kentucky and Kentucky values. “Slice” highlights how McGrath routinely mocks Kentuckians and prioritizes the values of her coastal elite donors ahead of Kentucky.

“Amy McGrath has made clear throughout this campaign that she will put her far-left donors ahead of Kentucky,” said McConnell Senate Committee press secretary Kate Cooksey. “McGrath never stands up for Kentucky. Instead, she participates in the mockery just to make a buck. If this is how Amy McGrath acts during a campaign, imagine the damage she would cause if she made it to the Senate.”

Click here to watch “Slice.”


ANNOUNCER: Extreme Amy McGrath’s national supporters openly mock Kentucky.

SAMANTHA BEE: Just a little slice of Kentucky right here in New York City.

ANNOUNCER: McGrath’s taken $90 million from far-left donors.

SAMANTHA BEE: It’s going to take a lot of money. You need a lot of money.

ANNOUNCER: And McGrath got caught lying to our coal miners. Her own ads even portray us as cartoon characters!

ANNOUNCER: Extreme Amy McGrath, the wrong path for Kentucky.

MITCH MCCONNELL: I’m Mitch McConnell, and I approve this message.


Amy McGrath last year mocked Kentuckians during a nationally televised interview. 

  • “Matt Jones says McGrath’s interview with Samantha Bee mocks Kentuckians” (Louisville Courier Journal, 8/1/2019)
  • “McGrath is featured in the six-minute segment surrounded by banjo music, horses, whiskey and fake Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets. The host narrates how her set is meant to make McGrath feel comfortable, with reminders of her ‘rich Bluegrass heritage.’” (Louisville Courier Journal, 8/1/2019)
  • “‘It goes and showcases how when the national media talks about our state, they either always get it wrong or they’re trying to mock us,’ Jones said” (Louisville Courier Journal, 8/1/2019)

96.9 percent of Amy McGrath’s contributions come from out-of-state donors.

  • McGrath’s top metropolitan areas include New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles-Long Beach, Boston, and San Francisco. Zero of McGrath’s top ten zip codes include Kentucky. (OpenSecrets) 

Amy McGrath came under fire for exploiting two Kentucky coal miners in a false attack ad against Senator McConnell.

  • “Two miners shown in a campaign ad for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath have sent a cease and desist letter demanding the campaign stop using their images” […] “said through an attorney that they were led to believe the footage was being used for a documentary for the Black Lung Association and that they ‘did not know and were never told they were being filmed for a political advertisement.’” (Lexington Herald-Leader, 9/5/2019)
  • “Randy and Albrow felt that the trip was a success,” the letter states. “They deeply appreciated the warm receptions they received from a number of elected representatives who took the time to meet with the group, including Senator Mitch McConnell.” (Free Beacon, 9/5/2019)
  • “Two coal miners featured in an attack ad against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) from Democrat Amy McGrath said they were not told the footage would be used for a political ad and are demanding the campaign stop using their images.” (The Hill, 9/5/2019
  • “Miners’ attorney sends cease and desist letter to McGrath campaign following ad” (WKYT, 9/5/2019)

In August 2020, Amy McGrath launched a new ad campaign that portrays Kentuckians as cartoon caricatures.

  • “Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath released a cartoon campaign ad…it was weird. I don’t think I’ve seen a campaign ad like this before…McGrath got in trouble for an ad last summer where she had used video of those miners without their permission. I guess you can’t get in trouble for showing a cartoon rendering of the miners…Anyway, it was a weird ad.” (Louisville Public Media, 8/28/2020)