McGrath: We Can Literally Change The Country If We Get Rid Of Mitch McConnell

Kentuckians already know that Extreme Amy McGrath is in lockstep with the socialist agenda supported by Washington Democrats like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. Now, McGrath is admitting the truth about what she hopes to achieve if given the chance to vote for these far-left policies.

Amy McGrath: “Literally, we can change the trajectory of our country if we can get rid of Mitch McConnell.” 

The fact that Amy McGrath “literally” wants to transform America into a far-left socialist country shouldn’t be surprising since she called herself “more progressive” than anybody in Kentucky.

If given the chance McGrath would hike taxes on hardworking Americans, legalize taxpayer funded abortions, fund Planned Parenthood, open our borders, take away Second Amendment rights, and establish a government-run, single-payer health care system. Senator McConnell stands in the way of the Democrats’ radical, anti-Kentucky agenda, but McGrath embraces it with open arms.

For Amy McGrath, this race is not about winning a Senate seat, it’s about ending an America that reflects Kentucky values.

Watch for yourself.