During a recent episode of the “My Old Kentucky Podcast,” Amy McGrath admitted what we’ve known all along — she is the same extreme radical Democrat that she said she was during her failed run for Congress in 2018.

When asked by host Robert Kahne what she would say to reassure supporters who are concerned that she is no longer the same radical liberal they supported two years ago, McGrath was quick to clarify she is still the same person with the same extreme beliefs.

Amy McGrath: “I am the same person that ran two years ago. I have the same policy stances. I wrote them myself. Nothing has changed.” 

“Nothing has changed.” For Amy McGrath, that means proudly being “further left” and “more progressive than anybody in the State of Kentucky.” It means being 100 percent pro-abortion, supporting government-run socialized health care, and believing President Trump’s border wall is “stupid.”

It’s no wonder Amy is called Wrong Path McGrath. Amy McGrath is too extreme for Kentucky.