The Truth: Senator McConnell's Record on Women's Issues

-Senator McConnell was a co-sponsor of the original Violence Against Women Act. He supported VAWA reauthorization in 2000 and 2005, as well as a version with stronger protections than what the Obama agenda would allow in 2012.

-Senator McConnell voted for a bill that contained the Violence Against Women Act in 1993, but voted against it in 1994 because liberal Democrats included an assault weapons ban in the legislation.

-Senator McConnell voted for an amendment proposed by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on equal pay in 2009. Unlike the Lily Ledbetter Act, this amendment would not have eliminated the statute of limitations.

-Senator McConnell has a strong record of combating sexual assault in the military, including supporting a mandate for TRICARE to provide rape kits for victims. He also the Military Justice Improvement Act of 2013 and the Victims Protection Act of 2014.

-Senator McConnell championed legislation that would penalize individuals for selling pornography with victims of rape or sexual assault.

-Senator McConnell has developed an extensive record of fighting sex crimes. In 1991, he introduced the Equal Remedies Act, which would have lifted the cap on damages for victims of sexual harassment seeking civil recourse.

-A DNC attack ad that claimed “McConnell Said No To Fair Pay For Women” was accused of “sweeping generalizations” to make its claim.

-Watch "As If" below to learn more about how Senator McConnell is fighting for Kentucky women.