The Grimes Family Discount

August 18, 2014

By Manu Raju

- Alison Lundergan Grimes’ Father Bought Her Campaign Bus And Rented It To The Campaign In Possible Violation Of Campaign Finance Law.

- The Use Of Grimes’ Campaign Bus Could Represent An Illegal In-Kind Corporate Contribution.

- The Grimes Campaign Claims They Obtained Comparable Rates From Outside Companies, But Refused To Provide Them To Politico.

- Grimes Could Face Civil Penalties From The Federal Election Commission.

- Grimes’ Campaign Has Also Made Use Of The Lundergan Catering And Events Companies Multiple Times.

- In Total, The Grimes Campaign Has Paid “At Least $67,000” To Members Of Her Family Or Companies Connected With Family Members.

- One Of Jerry Lundergan’s Companies Bought The Grimes Campaign Bus Right As Her Campaign Was Getting Underway.

- Grimes Campaign Says They Have Paid $456 A Day For Use Of Her Campaign Bus.

- The Company That Previous Owned The Grimes Campaign Bus Rented It Out For $1,500 A Day.

- Bus Operators Say A Typical Bus Rental Cost “About $2,000” A Day.

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