Team Mitch Response To Grimes’ Latest Attack

September 15, 2014
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Grimes= Obama

LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following statement and background information in response to Alison Lundergan Grimes’ latest attack on Sen. McConnell.

“An inexperienced Obama liberal with a gun is no less dangerous ‎for Kentucky families than one without. Much of Alison Lundergan Grimes' financial support comes from those seeking to implement gun control and wage the war on coal but cynically she believes a recycled TV ad idea will fool Kentuckians,” said Team Mitch spokeswoman Allison Moore.  


Anti-Gun Activist And Hollywood Producer Has Given A Max Out Contribution To Alison Grimes. “Even though he’s now an anti-gun activist, Weinstein donated $2,600 to Grimes last month for her general election campaign, and in February he donated $2,600 for her primary campaign, according to FEC records obtained by” (Drew MacKenzie, “Anti-Gun Harvey Weinstein Backs McConnell's Pro-Gun Opponent,” Newsmax, 4/23/14)

Grimes Is Fundraising With Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. “On Thursday, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley headlines a fundraiser for Ms. Grimes in Louisville, opening the Democrat to questions about whether she, too, supports gun restrictions or tax increases like those signed by the Maryland governor.” (Patrick O’Connor, “Outside Donors Bankroll Kentucky Senate Race,” Wall Street Journal, 4/16/14)

Background on Martin O’Malley Record on Guns

Gun Bill Signed By O’Malley Called “Strictest In The Country”. “Maryland's gun laws are now among the strictest in the nation. Governor Martin O'Malley signed the sweeping gun control measureThursday.” (Erica Jones, “Governor Martin O'Malley Signs Gun Control Bill,” NBC Washington, 5/16/13)

Gun Bill Bans 45 Different Types of Assault Weapons. “The bill also bans 45 types of assault weapons, but those who own the weapons before the law goes into effect will be allowed to keep them.” (Erica Jones, “Governor Martin O'Malley Signs Gun Control Bill,” NBC Washington, 5/16/13)

“Gun magazines will be limited to 10 bullets” (Erica Jones, “Governor Martin O'Malley Signs Gun Control Bill,” NBC Washington, 5/16/13)

Maryland State Police Can Now Suspend Gun Licenses For Those That Do Not Comply To “Housekeeping Obligations. “Maryland State Police will be able to suspend the licenses of gun dealers who fail to comply with recordkeeping obligations.” (Erica Jones, “Governor Martin O'Malley Signs Gun Control Bill,” NBC Washington, 5/16/13)

Maryland Now Requires Fingerprints Be Submitted To State Police. “With the governor's signature Thursday, Maryland will become the first state in almost 20 years to require fingerprints to be submitted to state police. (Erica Jones, “Governor Martin O'Malley Signs Gun Control Bill,” NBC Washington, 5/16/13)

Alison Lundergan Grimes Has a History of Fundraising with People Who Don’t Share Kentucky’s Values

Former Obama Chief of Staff and Current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

            Rahm Emanuel Hosted A Fundraiser For Alison Lundergan Grimes In March. “On March 20, Emanuel is the headliner at a fundraiser for Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes hosted at the Conlon and Dunn firm, 1 E. Wacker. The ask runs from $250 to $5,200. The Kentucky action right now is in the GOP primary, where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a battle with Matt Bevin, running with the backing of the Tea Party movement.” (Lynn Sweet, “Rahm hosting fundraiser for Rep. Enyart at Harry Caray’s,” Chicago Sun Times, 2/18/14)

Rahm Emanuel’s Background on Guns:

As Mayor Of Chicago, Emanuel Is Looking To Set Up “Much Stiffer” Gun Rules. “It seems likely that Emanuel will seek to set up much stiffer rules. His marching orders to the city Law Department included creating a new "comprehensive set of restrictions on the sale of firearms to ensure that illegal guns don't find their way into the hands of criminals or straw purchasers." (John Byrne, “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may look to California for strict rules on gun sales,” Chicago Tribune, 1/21/14)

Emanuel Is Looking To California’s Much Stricter Gun Laws For “Inspiration”. “As Mayor Rahm Emanuel starts to craft rules on selling guns in Chicago, he's unlikely to find much inspiration in the Chicago area but could look to California to see how far he can go in setting strict standards.” (John Byrne, “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may look to California for strict rules on gun sales,”Chicago Tribune, 1/21/14)

Grimes Fundraises With “Recently Converted” Gun Control Advocate Harry Reid

Grimes Scheduled To Attend Fundraiser With ‘‘Coal Makes Us Sick Harry Reid. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will help raise funds for the 2014 opponent of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to a report. Reid will hold a luncheon for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Kentucky secretary of state and McConnell’s opponent in the 2014 elections, Kentucky News Channel 2 reported. The luncheon will take place in Las Vegas on Friday, Oct. 11 and tickets range from $1,000 to $5,000. (Politico, 9/13/13)

Long A Supporter Of Gun Rights, In Recent Years, Reid Has Had A “Gun Control Conversion. “As the day began, the Senate majority leader appeared in the well to announce that he would vote for both of the most ambitious gun control measures being pushed  by President Barack Obama: a ban on a long roster of military-style assault rifles, and a prohibition on ammunition clips with more than 10 rounds… The announcement was remarkable because Reid has courted support from the National Rifle Association throughout his three decades representing wild-west Nevada in Congress and continues to hold a “B” rating from the group, the best grade of anyone in the senior congressional Democratic leadership.” (David Hawkings, “Harry Reid’s Gun Control Conversion: Courage or Cynicism?” Roll Call, 4/17/13)

Grimes Fundraises With Liberal DSCC Chairman Michael Bennet

Grimes Fundraises With Reid Pal, DSCC Chairman Sen. Michael Bennet” “Bennet’s fundraiser could be another double-edged sword for Lundergan Grimes. ... Coal production is a critical part of Kentucky’s economy. Republicans charged that Lundergan Grimes’s alliance with Reid was an indication she wouldn’t stand up for Kentucky coal miners, and would instead would be beholden to Democratic leaders if she is elected to the Senate. “(The Hill, 10/23/13)

Sen. Michael Bennet Says We Need TO Change Course From Fossil Fuels. “Couple our falling behind in the clean energy race with the knowledge that we’re over-dependent on finite fossil fuels that science tells us harm our health and our planet’s land, air, water and climate, and any reasonable person will tell you that the status quo is unsustainable and we need to change course. (David Worthington, “Colorado Senator Michael Bennet lays out green energy goals,” Smart Planet, 12/22/10)

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