Poll Analysis: ‘McConnell Has More Crossover Appeal’

September 4, 2014
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LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following background information regarding media and expert analysis on the last five polls showing Sen. McConnell with a clear lead over Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Recent Polls Show McConnell With Clear Lead

Rasmussen Poll: McConnell +5 (McConnell 46, Grimes 41; 750LV 9/1-9/2)

CNN Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 50, Grimes 46; 671LV 8/28-9/1)

Bluegrass Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 46, Grimes 42; 569LV 8/25-8/27)

PPP Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 44, Grimes 40; 991LV 8/7-8/10)

CBS/NYT Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 50, Grimes 46; 1,515LV 7/5-7/24) 

Polling Expert: Some Dems Prefer ‘A Kentuckian Running The Senate’ 

CNN POLLING DIRECTOR: “It's likely that there are some Democrats who think that their state is better off with a Kentuckian running the Senate rather than a Democrat who would rank at the very bottom in seniority.”(Mark Preston, “CNN Poll: McConnell holds slim edge in biggest Senate race of 2014,” CNN, 9/3/14)  

“The poll shows that McConnell has more crossover appeal than Grimes.” (Sean Sullivan, “Poll: McConnell holds slight lead over Grimes in Kentucky,” Washington Post, 9/3/14) 

Grimes “…faces a potentially troubling defection of Democrats in the new CNN poll... And that might indicate McConnell's argument that his clout in the Senate is needed in Kentucky is taking hold.” (Alexandra Jaffe, “McConnell hits 50 percent against Grimes,”The Hill, 9/3/14) 

“What might be a troubling data point for Grimes is the number of Democrats… who said they are supporting or leaning towards supporting McConnell.” (Mark Preston, “CNN Poll: McConnell holds slim edge in biggest Senate race of 2014,” CNN, 9/3/14) 

“…McConnell locked down GOP, winning Rs 92-6. Grimes only winning 84-16 among Dems… She needs more Ds.” (Paul Kane, Twitter, 9/3/14) 

“…Operatives on both sides agree that the Republican base has coalesced around McConnell since he defeated businessman Matt Bevin by 20 points in a May primary…” (James Hohmann, “CNN poll: Mitch McConnell up 4 in Kentucky,” Politico, 9/3/14) 

“…gender gap favors McConnell…” (Paul Kane, Twitter, 9/3/14) 

“Republicans have done all they can to tie Grimes to the president — particularly on the issue of coal, which makes up a significant portion of Kentucky’s economy… those attacks appear to have worked, as McConnell leads by 20 percent in eastern Kentucky and 28 percent in western Kentucky, the state’s two coal-producing regions.”(Alexandra Jaffe, “McConnell hits 50 percent against Grimes,”The Hill, 9/3/14) 

“The @CNN poll is the most troubling one yet for @AlisonForKY.” (Phillip Bailey, Twitter Feed, 9/3/14)

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