New Poll: McConnell 47 Grimes 41

October 5, 2014
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NYT/CBS/YouGov Poll Is 14th Straight Showing McConnell Expanding Lead

LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following background information on the last 14 public polls showing Sen. McConnell with a clear and consistent lead over Alison Lundergan Grimes in the Kentucky Senate race.

 CBS/NYT Poll: McConnell +6

CBS/NYT Poll Finds Turnout Favors Republicans In Kentucky Senate Race. “With so many close races and so few persuadable voters, turnout will be pivotal in many contests, including in Georgia. The Democrats have invested millions more than Republicans in building a strong turnout operation, and the effects of that effort are already evident in the YouGov data. More voters have been contacted by Democratic than Republican campaigns in every state but Kansas and Kentucky, where Republican senators fought competitive primaries.” (Nate Cohn, “Republicans Maintain Edge in Senate Races, Poll Finds,” New York Times, 10/5/14)

CBS/NYT Poll Also Finds Very Few Undecided Voters. “Although many voters remain undecided - as is often the case in midterms until the last few days - our re-interviews with Tracker panelists in the key battleground races showed that a state by state average of 91 percent of them did not change their candidate choice in the last month.” (Anthony Salvanto, “Battleground Tracker: Kansas complicates Republicans' Senate path,” CBS, 10/5/14)

Last 14 Public Polls Show Clear McConnell Lead 

CBS/NYT Poll: McConnell +6 (McConnell 47, Grimes 41, 1689 R, 9/20-10/1)

Ipsos/Reuters: McConnell +4 (McConnell 46, Grimes, 42, 944 LV, 9/8-9/12)

Gravis: McConnell +10 (McConnell, 51, Grimes, 41, 839LV, 9/16)

ccAdvertising: McConnell +9 (McConnell 42, Grimes 33, 2282, 9/15/14-9/16/14)

Magellan: McConnell +8 (McConnell 50, Grimes 42; 742LV 9/4-9/7)

CBS/NYT Poll: McConnell +5 (McConnell 47, Grimes 42; 2,130LV 8/18-9/2)

NBC/Marist Poll: McConnell +8 (McConnell 47, Grimes 39; 691LV 9/2-9/4)

POS: McConnell +5 (McConnell 47, Grimes 42; 600LV 9/1-9/3)

Rasmussen Poll: McConnell +5 (McConnell 46, Grimes 41; 750LV 9/1-9/2)

CNN Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 50, Grimes 46; 671LV 8/28-9/1)

Bluegrass Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 46, Grimes 42; 569LV 8/25-8/27)

PPP Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 44, Grimes 40; 991LV 8/7-8/10)

Bluegrass Poll: McConnell +2 (McConnell 47, Grimes 45; 604LV 7/18-7/23)

CBS/NYT Poll: McConnell +4 (McConnell 50, Grimes 46; 1,515LV 7/5-7/24)

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