Mitch McConnell Saves The Supreme Court

What they're saying...

"McConnell's gamble on the Supreme Court was one of the greatest policy-shaping decisions in U.S. history...By taking the seat away from Democrats critical Supreme Court decisions broke conservative instead of liberal, ultimately changing history." - Steve Voss, associate professor of political science at the University of Kentucky

"Mitch McConnell's high court reigns supreme again on Trump travel ban" - Courier-Journal 

“This is as much Mitch McConnell's victory as it is Donald Trump's” - CNN

“McConnell was instrumental in Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court.” - Fortune

"Some of the biggest Supreme Court decisions in 2018 almost certainly would have gone the other way if McConnell had not strung out President Barack Obama's final nomination until his term expired" - Vox

“Thanks, Mitch: McConnell Played A Critical Role In Trump's 2016 Victory And Today's SCOTUS Win” - Townhall

"The watershed Supreme Court decision known as Janus would not have happened without the stonewalling of Merrick Garland." - Huffington Post

"Donald Trump can take credit for the excellent appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill that seat, but Mitch McConnell was the man responsible for keeping it open in the first place." - Hotair

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