McConnell: Obama 'has a difficult time telling the truth'

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: SENATE MINORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL says the president has a very difficult time telling it the truth. We spoke with Leader McConnell on Capitol Hill a short time ago.



VAN SUSTEREN: Senator, nice to see you, sir.


VAN SUSTEREN: The president spoke yesterday and he had a lot of harsh words, one thing he said that the GOP has no plans, no -- in reference to health care. He also said that you have refused to answer the question of what benefits someone could have who doesn't have health care under ObamaCare so he specifically targets you.

MCCONNELL: One of the things the American people have really learned firsthand here in the last few weeks the president has a very difficult time telling the truth. This is the guy who said if you have your insurance and you like it, you going to get to keep it. We knew at the time that was not true. He knew at the time it was not true and now his suggestion is that we don't have an alternative. He knows this is also not true.

What we wouldn't have done is pass a 2700-page bill that takes a trillion dollars away from health care providers and costs -- and causes millions of Americans to lose the health care plans that they have and like. We would have gone in a different direction.

To use a medical metaphor, instead of taking a meat ax to the health care system, we would have pulled out a scalpel and done interstate health insurance. Small businesses, allow them to pool together in order to purchase insurance cheaper, medical malpractice reform at the federal level. Imagine how much money is lost every year with unnecessary tests. Those are the kinds of things that we would have done.

Now, ironically, this 2700-page monstrosity, ObamaCare, when all is said and done, according to the Congressional Research Service who doesn't work for the Republicans or Democrats, you are still going to have 30 million uninsured.

Out of all of this disruption and all of this disruption comes a result with 30 million still uninsured. This is catastrophic failure not only for the health care system but for all of Americans.

VAN SUSTEREN: Can it be fixed? Do you see some way to massage it so it would work better in your view or is that just an impossibility?

MCCONNELL: No. This is beyond fixing. It needs to be pulled out root and branch, and we need to start over. With a much more targeted effort to deal with the cost. That's what this was all about. It causes 85 percent of Americans who had health insurance and who liked it extraordinary disruption. So, it's been a catastrophe for health care and for the economy at large.

Think of how many workers now part-time - we have a record number of part-time workers because businesses are afraid to grow and get above the 50-employee threshold. It's just a disaster. And, it's been -- the American people are now having to interact with it. It's a lot bigger, of course, than just the website if you are fortunate enough to get on. You are going to find you don't have very good choices.

VAN SUSTEREN: If it were and I don't think it's going to be, if it were repealed, can we back up in light of where we are right now? You know, it's almost mid-December. Is there a way to sort of back up and not completely turn things over even worse than we are?

MCCONNELL: We need to pull it out root and branch and start over. Now, the president just yesterday said he is not going to let that happen.

VAN SUSTEREN: No, I don't think he is going to let that happen.

MCCONNELL: He said "I'm going it spend the last three years." Maybe he is not planning on doing much else, but is he going to protect this monstrosity. He is insisting very stubbornly, even though all the facts indicate that it can't possibly work. That, ut of his own pride and sense of accomplishment, I gather, that this was the single biggest thing that he could possibly have achieved, is he going to jam it down our throats, no matter what.

I don't think the American people like this and that's directly connected, obviously, with the president's declining approval, job approval with the American people. They don't like this kind of stubborn resistance to accept the fact that this is simply not working out.

VAN SUSTEREN: Senator, thank you, sir.

MCCONNELL: Thank you.



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