McConnell Earns Prestigious “Friend Of Farm Bureau Award”

September 23, 2014
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LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following statement and background information on Sen. McConnell receiving the “Friend of Farm Bureau” award.

“Sen. McConnell always puts Kentucky first and despite repeated false attacks from Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky farm families stand strong in their support for his hard work to ensure farming continues to grow and thrive here in the Commonwealth," said Team Mitch spokeswoman Allison Moore. 


“U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has been named a Friend of Farm Bureau by the American Farm Bureau Federation. The award is given each Congress and is based upon members' voting records and their accessibility and responsiveness to their state's farmers. McConnell was nominated for the award for the 113th Congress by the Kentucky Farm Bureau.” (Lexington Herald Leader, 9/22/14)

Sen. McConnell Has A History Of Big Accomplishments For Kentucky Farmers

Sen. McConnell Negotiated The Farm Bill Extension. “In the early hours of the New Year, the Senate passed “fiscal cliff-avoiding” legislation brokered by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden that included a Farm Bill extension” (Tim Thornberry, “Extension Instead of Full Farm Bill Survives Lame Duck Congress, Business Lexington, 1/8/13)

Sen. McConnell Got A “Major Concession” On The Estate Tax. “And the White House made a major concession on the estate tax, agreeing to terms that would permit estates worth as much as $15 million to escape taxation by the end of the decade, Democrats said.” (Lori Montgomery, Paul Kane, “Obama, Senate Republicans reach agreement on ‘fiscal cliff’,”Washington Post, 1/1/13)

Hemp Legalization Language Was Drafted In Sen. McConnell’s Office. “Kentucky has enacted industrial hemp legislation at the state level. A source familiar with the negotiations said the expanded language was drafted in McConnell’s office and inserted at his behest.” (Niels Lesniewski, “McConnell Takes Credit for Hemp Provision in Farm Bill (Updated),” Roll Call, 1/28/14)

Sen. McConnell Used His Clout To Ensured That The Hemp Provision Survived The Legislative Process. “His office said that McConnell worked with the conferees to make sure the language survived to make its way into the House-Senate conference agreement.” (Niels Lesniewski, “McConnell Takes Credit for Hemp Provision in Farm Bill (Updated),” Roll Call, 1/28/14) 

Sen. McConnell Was The Chief Author Of The Tobacco Buyout. “But they signed off on the new oversight in exchange for a $12 billion, 10-year program to aid tobacco growers struggling for survival in light of lower prices resulting from less smoking and increased imports. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a chief author of the measure adopted on a 78-to-15 vote” (Carl Hulse, “Senate Approves Tobacco Buyout and New Curbs,” New York Times, 7/16/04)

Tobacco Buyout Expected To Create “Roughly 1800 New Jobs” In Kentucky. “Roughly 1,800 new jobs are expected in Kentucky, and about 700 are likely in Tennessee, according to Tiller. She said those would include self-employed workers, full-time and part-time as well as salaried and wage-based positions. ‘People are going to have more money to spend,’ Tiler said. ‘Because the buyout brings all this new economic activity…it would support those additional new jobs.” (“Southern states reap billions, new jobs from tobacco buyout"Associated Press, 10/17/04)

Sen. McConnell’s Previous Farm Bureau Awards

Distinguished Service Award: 2002

The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor awarded by the AFBF.  This award is presented to individuals who have devoted their entire careers to serving farming and ranching. 

Golden Plow Award:  1996 & 2004

The Golden Plow Award has been bestowed on members of Congress since 1988.  Typically presented each year to one senator and one representative, the award commends them for their leadership in agriculture and support of Farm Bureau polices. 

Friend of Farm Bureau Award:  104th Congress – 112th Congress

Beginning in the 104th Congress, the Friend of Farm Bureau Award is given at the end of each Congress to those members who were nominated by their respective state Farm Bureaus and approved by the AFBF Board of Directors.  This award is based upon voting records on AFBF’s priority issues, specific leadership roles, and how accessible that member is to Farm Bureau members. 


Presented by the AgriBank District Farm Credit Council to Senator McConnell in 2013.    Awarded to each year to 1 member of the House and Senate

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