Senator McConnell is fighting for our community

- Secured hundreds of millions of dollars for local national security projects which drive our economy while playing a vital role in the War on Terror.

- Mitch helped secure $184 million for The University of Louisville; including more than $60 million to support medical research, equipment and facilities; $14.2 million for expansion of main library;  $1.75 million for Center for Safe Urban. Communities; $1.03 million for Metropolitan Workforce Education Research Center;  $1 million for Early Childhood Development Center Research.

- Mitch fought for $188 million for American Printing House for the Blind to provide educational materials to students who are legally blind and enrolled in programs below the college level.

- He obtained $5.5 million for Louisville’s public transit authority, including funds to purchase additional vehicles to shuttle students working at UPS.  

- Secured $75 million for funding of the Robley Rex V.A. Medical Center.