Lost Respect For Bevin

By: Hunter Bates

I met Matt Bevin through a mutual friend in 2011 and thought he might hold great promise for Kentucky Republicans. After watching him for the past nine months, I could not be more disappointed in him as a candidate and as a man.

The tone of Bevin's Senate campaign is very different than when he first reached out to me about taking on John Yarmuth three years ago. Back in 2011, Matt thought there was too much partisanship in Washington and wanted to use his business background to bridge what he called the "widening ideological divide." After passing on the opportunity to unite Republicans by challenging Yarmuth in 2012, the problem-solving Matt Bevin suddenly vanished.

Then in 2013, the New England millionaire who had contributed to liberal Democrat Mayor Greg Fischer had suddenly become a fire-breathing conservative.

The most discouraging part of Bevin's extreme makeover was his complete abandonment of the truth, which surprised me and many of the people who considered him a friend.

Matt proudly listed MIT on the top of his online resume, although the prestigious school had no record of him attending.

Matt struggled to explain why he assailed taxpayer bailouts on the stump but received them for his own business in Connecticut, and why he advocated for TARP in a letter to his investors in 2008 by famously telling them NOT to call it "a bailout."

Matt's crowning achievement in what has become a star-crossed self-promotion tour was being caught by an undercover reporter pandering to cockfighters after claiming not to know he was speaking to cockfighters.

Matt will lose miserably in his first — and probably last — race for public office in his new Kentucky home. But even worse, he has lost the respect of many people, like myself, who thought he was an honest man.