Senator McConnell's Record on Jobs

Lie: Senator McConnell believes it is “not my job” to create jobs.

The Truth:

- Alison Lundergan Grimes is taking this attack line from an interview Senator McConnell did with the Beattyville Enterprise. The quote was taken entirely out of context; Senator McConnell was, in fact, referring to specific policies that were the responsibility of the state government in Frankfort. His event that day in Beattyville was specifically about the jobs that he helped create in Lee County.

- In fact, Senator McConnell has been called a “hero” for saving Kentucky jobs.

- In 2012 at Cardinal Aluminum in Louisville, Senator McConnell helped save hundreds of jobs by fighting against unfair foreign trade practices. 

- In 2014, Senator McConnell’s leadership successfully stopped government regulations that would have crushed the tourism industry at Lake Cumberland.

- Senator McConnell helped protect hundreds of jobs at Blue Grass Army Depot from budget shortfalls.

- At Lexington’s Bluegrass Station, Mitch successfully saved 2,800 Kentucky jobs

- As the next Senate Majority Leader, Mitch will use his influence to defend Kentucky working families.

- Watch "Plan to Keep," "Hero," and "Saved" below to learn more about how Senator McConnell is fighting for Kentucky jobs.