Grimes Strikes Out on Whether She Would Support WH Border Proposal

July 11, 2014

National Review Online

By Andrew Johnson

Alison Lundergan Grimes either completely deflected on whether she would support the White House’s request for supplemental funding to address the border, or she appears to not realize the difference between that proposal and the Senate’s immigration bill in a recent appearance.

The Kentucky Democratic senate candidate was caught on camera failing to provide an answer about the $3.7 billion request on at least four occasions. In her first answer, she criticized Mitch McConnell for not voting for last year’s immigration bill. She was then asked a second time about the president’s request.

“I’m going to assess everything when I’m in the United States senate in light of is it good for Kentucky,” Grimes replied.

“Is this good for Kentucky?” a reporter asked.

“In terms of immigration reform, I think it is an earned pathway to citizenship and a secure border is much needed, not just for Kentucky, but for the entire nation,” she said.

“What about the supplemental that the president is asking for now? Would you support it?” another reporter asked.

“Again, the bill that came out of the senate, I strongly support it, and I will continue to monitor the legislation that is before Congress, ” she said, before blaming McConnell again.

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