Grimes Refuses To Tell The Courier Journal Ed Board That She Voted For Obama

October 9, 2014
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LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following rapid response document in response to Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to tell the Louisville Courier Journal Editorial Board that she voted for Barack Obama. 



Interviewer: "Did you vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012?"

Grimes: "You know, this election, uh, it isn't about the president. It's about-"

Interviewer: "I know, but did you vote for-"

Grimes: "-making sure we put Kentuckians back to work, and-"

Interviewer: "Did you vote for him?"

Grimes: "I, uh, I was actually in '08 a delegate for Hilary Clinton and I, I think that Kentuckians know I'm a Clinton Democrat, uh, through and through. I, I respect the sanctity of the ballot box and I know that the members of this editorial board do as well."

Interviewer: "So you're not gonna answer." 

Grimes: "Again, I don't think that the president is on the ballot, uh, as much as Mitch McConnell might want him to be, uh, it's my name and it's gonna be me who's holding him accountable for the failed decisions and votes that he has made against the people of Kentucky."

(Alison Lundergan Grimes, Courier Journal Editorial Board Interview, 10/9/14)

 Grimes Attended Obama’s Inaugural In 2013

Grimes And Her Husband Attend The Kentucky Society’s Bluegrass Ball On January 19, 2013 Celebrating Obama’s Inauguration:  

In 2012, Grimes Said Her Support Of The Democratic Party And Obama Were “Well-Known”

When Asked About The Political Risk For Kentucky Democrats To Support Obama, Grimes Said “I’m A Lifelong Democrat. I’m Very Proud Of That And The Values Our Party Stands For. My Support For Our Party And Our Nominee Is Well-Known.” “Asked if there is a political risk for Democratic officeholders in Kentucky to talk about Obama, Grimes said, ‘I’m a lifelong Democrat. I’m very proud of that and the values our party stands for. My support of our party and our nominee is well-known.’” (Jack Brammer, “Kentucky Democrats Bash Romney, Even If They Don’t Mention Obama,” The Lexington Herald Leader, 8/3/12)

Alison Grimes Was A Delegate At The 2008 Democratic National Convention

“Having attended two Democratic conventions, Grimes could easily be tied to the national party's stances. Many of those stances don't line up with Kentucky voters' views.” (Kenny Colston, “Pros and Cons for Potential 2014 Mitch McConnell Challengers Judd, Grimes and Bevin,” WFPL, 3/20/13)

Grimes Was A Member Of The 2008 DNC Rules Committee. (Kentucky Secretary Of State Website, Accessed 7/27/13)

VIDEO: DNC Secretary Alice Germond’s Roll Call At DNC Rules Committee Meeting: “Kentucky: Alison Grimes, Jonathan Miller.” (C-SPAN, DNC Rules Committee Meeting, Video, 8/23/08, Grimes At 2012 DNC).

Grimes Was A Delegate At The 2012 Democratic National Convention

Grimes Was A Member Of The Kentucky Delegation To The DNC. “The Kentucky delegation to the Democratic National Convention is a mix of first-timers, activists and pretty much every major Democratic Party office-holder in the state.” (James Carroll, “2012 Democratic National Convention: Here Is The Kentucky Delegation,” The Courier-Journal, 9/2/12)

Grimes Added “It’s No Secret That I Will Be In North Carolina To Support Our Nominee [Obama] And Party.” “She added: ‘It’s no secret that I will be in North Carolina (for the Democratic presidential convention) to support our nominee and party.’” (Jack Brammer, “Kentucky Democrats Bash Romney, Even If They Don’t Mention Obama,” Lexington Herald Leader, 8/3/12)

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