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September 1, 2014

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LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following statement and background information on Alison Lundergan Grimes being a vote for Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s liberal agenda. “Despite her efforts to mislead Kentuckians, more and more of them see Alison Lundergan Grimes as a vote for Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s liberal anti-coal agenda.” said Team Mitch spokeswoman Allison Moore.

Bluegrass Poll Analysis Shows Alison Grimes Connected To Obama

University Of Kentucky Professor Stephen Voss: Alison Grimes Has Failed To Make The Case That She Is More Like Clinton Than Obama. “But Voss said the polling shows that Grimes has failed to make a convincing case to voters that she is more like Clinton than Obama, citing the fact that she trails in Western Kentucky 55 percent to 32 percent. (Joe Gerth, “McConnell expands lead in Bluegrass Poll,” Courier-Journal, 8/31/14)

In Eastern And Western Kentucky, Voters Are Starting To See Grimes As A “Rubber Stamp For Obama”. “In the west and east, however, more voters appear to be accepting McConnell's accusations that she will be a rubber stamp for Obama.” (Sam Youngman, “Bluegrass Poll: Gaining momentum, McConnell holds 4-point advantage over Grimes,” Herald-Leader, 8/30/14)

Alison Grimes Can’t Break Away From Reid

Political Scientist Keith Poole:  Grimes Effort To Portray Herself As A Moderate “Not Going To Work.” “He said Democrats like Grimes "can campaign all they want on curbing the EPA and getting the XL pipeline built, but they can't ever get a vote on it on the floor." "It's not going to work for her because she doesn't have a comeback to the effect that Harry Reid is the majority leader...” (Adam Beam, “McConnell, Grimes look to the middle for votes,” Associated Press, 9/1/14)

Despite Promising To Defend Kentucky Coal, Grimes “Never Mentioned Coal During An 11-Minute Speech” At A Washington Fundraiser With Harry Reid. “Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes promised to defend Kentucky's coal industry during a fundraiser with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week, but she never mentioned coal during an 11-minute speech at the Washington, D.C., event, Politico reported Monday. In an audio recording of the speech obtained by Politico, Grimes instead criticized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's record on jobs, the minimum wage and women's issues, prompting McConnell's campaign to accuse Grimes of misleading Kentucky voters.” (Sam Youngman, “Grimes Didn't Defend Coal During D.C. Speech As Promised, According To Report,” Herald-Leader, 6/9/14)

Harry Reid: “No One Has To Worry About My Or My Caucus Waking Away” From Obama

Harry Reid Said That Obama Has No “Better Friend In Washington” Than Him, And That “No One Has To Worry About My Or My Caucus Waking Away” From Obama. “Everyone knows he called me after this and said ‘I don’t have a better friend in Washington than you.’ And its, we work very closely together, and there may be some disagreements we have on issues and I think that’s the way it should be. No one has to worry about my or my caucus walking away from the President,” (“Harry Reid Stands by Obama,” Washington Free Beacon, 8/22/14)

Harry Reid’s Anti-Coal Agenda

Sen. Harry Reid Blocked A Nominee To The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Because He Had Taken A Position Reid Felt Was “Too Favorable To Coal. “Mr. Norris was the first potential nominee for chairman to run into Mr. Reid. According to the people involved in the nominations process, the lawmaker insisted the White House not nominate Mr. Norris as chairman, in part because he had taken a position in a previous job that Mr. Reid considered too favorable to coal.” (Amy Harder, “Harry Reid Shapes Energy Regulator With an Eye to Nevada Industry,” Wall Street Journal, 6/8/14)

Harry Reid’s Nominee For The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Flamed Out After There Was “Fierce Opposition” From The Coal Industry. “FERC has seen an unusual amount of drama in the past year, including the flame-out of Reid-supported FERC nominee Ron Binz under fierce opposition from the coal industry and conservative groups." (Darius Dixon, “How Reid holds veto power over Obama,” Politico, 8/27/14)

Harry Reid: “Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick, it's ruining our country, it's ruining our world." (“Harry Reid: "Coal Makes Us Sick, Oil Makes Us Sick", Huffington Post, 7/09/08)

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