Grimes: ‘Lifelong’ Partisan

October 13, 2014
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Grimes Once Said ‘My Loyalties, Especially To The Democratic Party, Cannot Be Questioned’

LEXINGTON – Team Mitch today released the following background information on Alison Lundergan Grimes claim that she can be an independent voice.

Grimes Bragged She ‘Never Fought Against The Democratic Party’ 

Grimes Said “I’m A Lifelong Democrat. I’m Very Proud Of That And The Values Our Party Stands For. My Support For Our Party And Our Nominee [Obama] Is Well-Known.” “Asked if there is a political risk for Democratic officeholders in Kentucky to talk about Obama, Grimes said, ‘I’m a lifelong Democrat. I’m very proud of that and the values our party stands for. My support of our party and our nominee is well-known.’” (Jack Brammer, “Kentucky Democrats Bash Romney, Even If They Don’t Mention Obama,” The Lexington Herald Leader, 8/3/12) 

Grimes Said She Never Fought Against The Democratic Party, But Rather Fought For The Party That I Knew Believed In The Democratic Values That I Grew Up Believing In…” GRIMES: “And most importantly, Bill, never fought against the Democratic party, but rather, fought for the party that I knew believed in the Democratic values that I grew up believing in.” (Kentucky Educational Television’s “Kentucky Tonight – Democrats For Secretary Of State/Republicans For Secretary Of State,”, 4/18/11)

Alison Lundergan Grimes: “They Know Me. They Know My Skills. They Know That My Loyalties, Especially To The Democratic Party Cannot Be Questioned.” (CN|2’s “Pure Politics,” 4/6/11) 

VIDEO: Grimes: “I Was Born And Have Always Been A Democrat, Worked For The Democratic Party And Its Ideals.” GRIMES: “Listen, I won’t hold it against Elaine that she was born a Republican, if she won’t hold it against me that I was born and have always been a Democrat, worked for the Democratic Party and its ideals.” (CN|2’s,“Pure Politics,” KY Secretary Of State Democrat Primary Debate, 5/6/11)

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