Grimes Caught Playing Hooky

September 30, 2014
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Dodges Tough Questions From Kentucky Press After She Skips Work For Campaign, Workday Fundraisers Out-Of-State

LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following background information on Alison Lundergan Grimes’ top twenty workday fundraisers out-of-state.

Grimes’ Top 20 Out Of State Fundraisers 

Martha’s Vineyard Fundraiser with DSCC 7/13/13

San Francisco Fundraiser 7/23/13

Fundraiser With Special Guest WILL I AM 9/20/13

Las Vegas Fundraiser with Sen. Harry Reid 10/11/13

Chicago Fundraising Lunch 10/23/13

Denver Fundraiser With Sen. Michael Bennet 10/27/13

DC Fundraiser with Lobbyist Heather Podesta 11/12/13

Obama Fundraiser in New York City 11/18/13

Hollywood Fundraiser 1/13/14

Palm Beach Fundraiser 3/2/14

DC Fundraiser 3/11/14

Chicago Fundraiser with Rahm Emanuel 3/20/14

New York City Fundraiser with Chuck Schumer 4/6/14

New York City Fundraiser 4/7/14

DC Fundraiser with Sherrod Brown 4/30/14

California Fundraiser 5/5/14

Austin Fundraiser 5/7/14

Ohio Fundraiser with James Carville 5/22/14

DC Fundraiser with Harry Reid 6/5/14

New York City Fundraiser with Hollywood Moguls 6/23/14 

Grimes Facing Tough Questions From KY Media On Her Attendance 

“She Ignored A Question About How Much Time She’d Spent Away From Her Job As Kentucky Secretary Of State To Be On The Campaign Trail.” (Theo Keith, “Senate Candidates Attack Bus Deals, Committee Absences,” WAVE3, 8/20/14) 

When Grimes Was Questioned About Her Poor Attendance Record As Secretary Of State, Her Spokeswoman Called On Another Reporter. “When asked if being a Senate candidate had caused Grimes to miss much work, a campaign spokeswoman quickly called on another reporter.” (Phillip Bailey, “Mitch McConnell, Alison Lundergan Grimes Trade Blows While Discussing Kentucky Farm Policy,” WFPL, 8/20/14) 

“Alison Lundergan Grimes lost her cool Monday when a reporter questioned her attendance record as Kentucky’s secretary of state.” (“Grimes Snaps At Reporter For Questioning Her Attendance Record,” Washington Free Beacon, 9/30/14) 

Grimes “Deflected” Questions From The Herald-Leader When Questioned On Her Work Attendance. “Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Kentucky U.S. Senate seat, deflected the Lexington Herald-Leader reporter’s pointed questions on her attendance. Instead, she turned to opponent Sen. Mitch McConnell’s own attendance record, and stuck to talking points on the campaign event. “How many days of work would you say you’ve missed in the last year?” reporter Sam Youngman asked. “I’ll stack my record up against Mitch McConnell’s any day,” Grimes said.” (“Grimes Snaps At Reporter For Questioning Her Attendance Record,” Washington Free Beacon, 9/30/14)

 McConnell Has A 99% Lifetime Attendance Record 

Current term:

Voting participation:  99.8%

Total number of votes:  1,729

(“Sen. Mitch McConnell,”, Accessed 9/30/14) 


Voting participation:  99.2 %

Total number of votes:  9,992

“From Jan 1985 to Jul 2014, McConnell missed 84 of 9,992 roll call votes, which is 0.8%. This is better than the median of 2.0% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.” (“Sen. Mitch McConnell,”, Accessed 9/30/14) 

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