Grimes Again Refuses To Say If She Voted For Barack Obama

October 12, 2014
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After Getting Hammered By The Media, Grimes Still Does Not Have An Answer To This Simple Question


LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following background information after Alison Lundergan Grimes again refused to say that she voted for Barack Obama.

Alison Grimes Again Hides Behind “Sanctity Of The Ballot Box” When She Refuses To Say If She Voted For Barack Obama In 2008 And 2012. “I believe that all Kentuckians understand the sanctity of the ballot box. It's not about who I voted for 2 years ago or back in '08. It's about what I will vote for when we go to Washington, D.C. (“Grimes, McConnell Attend Logan Co. Tobacco and Heritage Festival,” WBKO, 10/11/14) 

Background on the Reaction To Grimes’ Non-Answer

CN2: “With three weeks until Election Day, national pundits are casting Grimes’ non-answers as an unforced fumble that could change the election narrative in the final hours.” (Nick Storm, “Grimes blasted for dodging question on Obama votes,” CN2, 10/10/14)

CHUCK TODD, NBC: “I think she disqualified herself. I really do. I think she disqualified herself.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14) 

CHUCK TODD, NBC: ‘Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything?’ “…Kentuckians expect her to cast a tough vote on anything? Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything? You want to be a U.S. Senator? If you can't say - if you can't find a way to stand behind your party's president - you can disagree with him but you can't answer that basic question and come across looking this ridiculous.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14) 

JOE SCARBOROUGH, NBC: “…what a rookie mistake… don't treat us like we're stupid.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14) 

WASHINGTON POST: ‘Painful’ “40 painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for President Obama” (Washington Post, 10/9/14

ALEX BURNS, POLITICO: “This is what happens when you run a campaign that's basically based on saying as little as possible about your ideas on this like energy and health care and what you’d actually do in Washington” (CNN’s New Day, 10/10/14

FOX NEWS: “Grimes jumps shark, won't say she voted for Obama” (Chris Stirewalt, “Grimes jumps shark, won't say she voted for Obama,” Fox News, 10/10/14) 

JOE GERTH, COURIER-JOURNAL: Grimes Non-Answer Left Commentators Questioning Whether She Was A Viable Candidate. “Video of Grimes trying to not answer the question went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of hits on various websites that posted it and she had numerous commentators questioning whether she is a viable candidate because of it.” (Joe Gerth, “Grimes’ non-answer on Obama vote ridiculed,” (Joe Gerth, “Grimes’ non-answer on Obama vote ridiculed,” Courier-Journal, 10/10/14

MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG: “Is Alison Lundergan Grimes’ failure to say how she cast her most recent two presidential ballots… a campaign-defining moment?” (Mark Halperin, “Mark Halperin's Daybook,” Bloomberg, 10/10/14)

NBC: “But if you’re a successful politician, you’ve got to have better answers than these. And both Pryor and Grimes showed an inability to be nimble” (Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Carrie Dann, “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '14, NBC, 10/10/14)

WASHINGTON POST: “Did Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012? She's not saying, over and over and over again.” (Reid Wilson, “READ IN: Pressure On Pressler,” Washington Post, 10/10/14)

MATT LEWIS, DAILY CALLER: “But it’s not just what she didn’t say, but how she didn’t say it that made her look so bad. Her prevarication was so pathetic and transparent that it prompted Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough to advise, “Don’t treat us like we’re stupid” — and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd to conclude: ”I think she disqualified herself.” (Matt Lewis, “Alison, I Know This World Is Killing You,” Daily Caller, 10/10/14)

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