October 10, 2014
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Media Pans Grimes Obama Dodge As ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Awful,’ ‘Painful,’ ‘Awkward,’

‘You Want To Be A U.S. Senator?’ 

LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch today released the following background information on media reaction to Grimes’ gaffes at her Courier-Journal interview yesterday. 


“Alison Lundergan Grimes’ absurd refusal to answer a simple question that everyone already knows the answer to is proof that Kentuckians could never expect her to be straight with them. The reality is Alison Lundergan Grimes is Obama’s candidate, fully supports his policies and danced the night away at his inaugural ball,” said Team Mitch spokesperson Allison Moore. 

Grimes "Comes Across As Being Less Than Forthcoming, Straight-Forward Or Honest.”

CN2: “With three weeks until Election Day, national pundits are casting Grimes’ non-answers as an unforced fumble that could change the election narrative in the final hours.” (Nick Storm, “Grimes blasted for dodging question on Obama votes,” CN210/10/14)

CHUCK TODD, NBC: I think she disqualified herself. I really do. I think she disqualified herself.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

WASHINGTON POST: ‘Painful’ “40 painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for President Obama” (Washington Post, 10/9/14

WHAS: “Awkward Moment.” (WHAS, 10/9/14) 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, NBC: “It's awful. Should we not show it?” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

JOE SCARBOROUGH, NBC: “Respect the sanctity of the ballot box?​ O​h, my god. T​hat's awful!” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

ABC NEWS: “…you can’t argue that she botched the answer and comes across as being less than forthcoming, straight-forward or honest.” (ABC’s The Note, 10/10/14

ALEX BURNS, POLITICO: “This is what happens when you run a campaign that's basically based on saying as little as possible about your ideas on this like energy and health care and what you’d actually do in Washington” (CNN’s New Day, 10/10/14

WAVE3: “…new controversy...” (WAVE, 10/10/14

CHUCK TODD, NBC: Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything?’ “…Kentuckians expect her to ​cast a tough vote on anything? Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything? You want to be a U.S. Senator? If you can't say - if you can't find a way to stand behind your party's president - you can disagree with him but you can't answer that basic question and come across looking this ridiculous.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

JOE SCARBOROUGH, NBC: “…what a rookie mistake… don't treat us like we're stupid.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, NBC: ‘Cringe’ “…Alison Lundergan Grimes in an editorial board interview -- I know. Cringe.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

JEREMY PETERS, NEW YORK TIMES: “Doesn't this point to the issue that Democrats always had with her candidacy to begin with?” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, NBC: “Created by consultants” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 10/10/14)

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