Desperate Times: Grimes Relying On Debunked Mediscare Tactics

October 20, 2014
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LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch announced released the following statement and background information as Alison Lundergan Grimes and John Yarmuth resort back to debunked Mediscare tactics while campaigning in Louisville today. 

"When desperate times call for desperate measures, partisan liberals like Alison Lundergan Grimes haul out their long-discredited attempts to scare Kentucky seniors.  While Senator McConnell works to protect Medicare and Social Security, Alison Grimes supports Obamacare, which raided hundreds of billions from our seniors' Medicare providers to pay for an entirely new entitlement for younger, healthier people," said Team Mitch spokeswoman Allison Moore.

Grimes Medicare Claims Have Been Called “Outdated And Discredited”, “Phony,” and “False”

Washington Post

Washington Post Fact Checker Gave The Grimes Claim Their Toughest Rating Of Four Pinocchios. “In any case, there is no excuse for Democrats to keep hauling out this $6,000 figure. It is derived from an analysis that has been withdrawn of a plan that no longer exists. Four Pinocchios”  (Glenn Kessler, “A Kentucky shootout over stale Medicare claims,” Washington Post, 7/11/14)

Washington Post Fact Checker Called The $6000 Figure Grimes Uses In Her Attack “Outdated And Discredited”. “That said, there is a distinction between the two claims. The Democrats’ $6,000 figure is outdated and discredited (note the small type in the ad with citations from 2011).” (Glenn Kessler, “A Kentucky shootout over stale Medicare claims,” Washington Post, 7/11/14)

The Grimes Attack Is As “Phony As A Three Dollar Bill”. “Grimes goes for a folksy approach in her advertising, but that belies a tough message — one that is amplified by having the attack delivered by an ordinary citizen. That gives it an illusion of reality, but it’s as phony as a three-dollar bill.” (Glenn Kessler, “A Kentucky shootout over stale Medicare claims,” Washington Post, 7/11/14)


Politifact Gave Grimes Attack A False Rating. “In the Grimes campaign ad, a Kentucky resident claims that McConnell "voted to raise my medicare costs by $6,000." The $6,000 figure cited in multiple studies measures a specific amount: The average out-of-pocket costs a new senior would pay in 2022 if Medicare changed to a more privatized system. People who turned 65 prior to 2022, like the retiree in Grimes’ ad, would remain in the current Medicare system and would not incur those costs… We rate the claim False.” (Steve Contorno, “Did Mitch McConnell vote to raise a senior's Medicare costs by $6,000?,” Politifact, 7/10/14) Labeled Grimes Claims “False” And Compared Them To A Ghost Story. “Ghost stories are fanciful, frightening tales told to children. But the claim that Republicans would increase Medicare costs by $6,000 per beneficiary is a story Democrats use to scare senior citizens — and it’s just as false. (Brooks Jackson, Robert Farley and Lori Robertson, “Medicare Ghost Stories,”, 7/9/14)

Grimes Whole Medicare Attack Is Centered On A Claim That Has Been “Effectively Retracted”. “It’s also now clear that the CBO’s $6,000 estimate was wrong to begin with, and CBO has effectively retracted it. CBO now says its 2011 report was a “rough analysis” based on assumptions that have proven invalid. (Brooks Jackson, Robert Farley and Lori Robertson, “Medicare Ghost Stories,”, 7/9/14)

John Yarmuth Is A Strong Support Of President Obama

At The Clinton-Grimes Event, John Yarmuth Gave A Rousing Defense Of President Obama And His Coal Record. “U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Louisville, who spoke earlier in the program, gave a rousing defense of the president, at one point blaming McConnell for losses in the coal industry over his 30-year career — saying that it wasn't the fault of Obama.” (Joe Gerth, “Grimes rallies crowd with Hillary Clinton,” Courier-Journal, 10/20/14)

Rep. Yarmuth: “Nobody has inherited a tougher job than Barack Obama did” (“Dem Congressman Praises Obama Before Grimes Takes Stage,” Free Beacon, 10/15/14)

Rep. Yarmuth Proudly States That He Voted For Barack Obama Twice, Then Laughs. JOSE DIAZ-BALART: “And Congressman, before I let you go, let me ask you. Did you vote for President Obama?” REP. JOHN YARMUTH: “I did, twice.” (MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart10/16/14)

 Yarmuth’s Defense Of Obama On Coal Is Unsurprising, Given That He Denies The War On Coal Exists

Grimes Adviser Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY): “I Don’t Think There Is Any ‘War On Coal’ At All.” “The U.S. Senate Republican Leader's concerns were echoed by most of Kentucky's top Democrats, yet U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth defended the EPA. ‘I don't think there is any “War on Coal” at all,’ Yarmuth told WHAS11.  ‘What this is is a realization that the climate is changing, that carbon dioxide emissions have an impact on that, and that the largest source of carbon emissions is from coal-fired power plants.’” (Joe Arnold, “McConnell: EPA Rules ‘Worst Blow To KY. Economy In Modern Times,’” WHAS11, 6/2/14)

Yarmuth Predicted Grimes’ Move To Embrace Obamacare 

VIDEO: Grimes Campaign Adviser Rep. John Yarmuth Expects Grimes To Become More Outspoken In Support Of ObamaCare. REPORTER: "As for Grimes, campaign adviser Congressman John Yarmuth expects her to become a more outspoken supporter of the Affordable Care Act.” REP. YARMUTH: "As time goes on, she will feel more comfortable, and will get a better understanding I think also of how many positive aspects there are to the law.” (WHAS, 4/23/14)

Grimes Event With Clinton Was The Most Pro-Obamacare Event Of Grimes Entire Campaign. “In total, it was not just the most pro-ACA event ever held by the Grimes campaign, but probably of any Democratic Party event held in Kentucky over the last four years.” (Joe Sonka, “Hillary Clinton stumps for Grimes in Louisville,” Insider Louisville, 10/16/14)

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