Senator McConnell's Record on Coal

Lie: Senator McConnell has not done enough to protect Kentucky coal.

The Truth:

- Senator McConnell has a long and distinguished history of fighting for the coal industry and its workers.

- Kentucky Coal Association President Bill Bissett said of Senator McConnell's record,  "I can say with great confidence that Sen. McConnell and his staff have done everything they can to support Kentucky's coal miners and coal production, but these efforts have been stopped at every turn in the United States Senate by Sen. Harry Reid, who currently sets the Senate's agenda."

- Mitch has co-sponsored multiple bills that would limit the EPA's ability to impose job-killing regulations on Kentucky coal. Unfortunately, Majority Leader Harry Reid will not bring them to the Senate floor for a vote.

- In 2014, Mitch sponsored the Coal Country Protection Act that would have protected Kentucky Coal from the new job-killing EPA regulations. Harry Reid objected, effectively killing the bill as long as he remains Majority Leader.

- In 2013, Senator McConnell introduced the Saving Coal Jobs Act, which would prohibit new carbon emissions standards by federal agencies on power plants. Once again, Harry Reid objected, effectively killing the bill as long as he remains Majority Leader.

- Senator McConnell's 2013 Coal Jobs Protection Act sought to streamline the environmental permitting process by creating strict deadlines for EPA approval.

- In 2006, Mitch cosponsored and ensured passage of the MINER Act, which helps ensure the workplace safety of Kentucky’s coal miners.

- Mitch has been the leading opponent of job-killing cap and trade. In 2005, he opposed an amendment that would impose a mandatory cap and trade system for greenhouse gases. Senator McConnell also opposed a 2008 bill that would have established a cap and trade system, as well as cap greenhouse gas emissions nationwide.

- Senator McConnell has voted to secure funds for disabled coal miners and health benefits for retired mine workers. In 2013, he secured a $5.2 million grant with $3.7 million set aside to retrain 685 laid-off Eastern Kentucky coal miners.

- As Senate Majority Leader, Mitch will continue to be a strong voice in Washington for Kentucky’s coal families.

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