American Conservative Union Endorses Sen. McConnell For Re-Election


April 26, 2014

LOUISVILLE – Team Mitch is proud to announce that the American Conservative Union has endorsed Sen. McConnell for re-election.

The ACU on Saturday endorsed Sen. McConnell, citing his “consistent support for conservative principles.”


“ACU PAC is pleased to endorse Mitch McConnell for reelection to the Senate.  Senator McConnell’s lifetime ACU rating of 90 shows his consistent support for conservative principles on a wide variety of issues, whether they be economic, social or issues of national security,” said ACU Director of Government Relations Larry Hart. “In addition, Senator McConnell has led the fight in Congress to protect free political speech.  We urge all conservatives to support Mitch McConnell in the Republican Primary May 20.”

Upon receiving the endorsement, Sen. McConnell said, "It is an honor to be endorsed by the American Conservative Union. As our nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization, there has never been a group more instrumental in growing and protecting conservatism than ACU. I am proud to stand with ACU as we continue the fight to protect our values and traditions from the perpetual liberal attacks of the Left."

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