The Truth: Senator McConnell's Record on Kentucky Agriculture

LIE: Senator McConnell does not care about Kentucky farmers because he has been absent at Senate Agriculture Committee hearings.

The Truth:

- Senator McConnell has been a champion for Kentucky agriculture throughout his distinguished career in the Senate.

- Senator McConnell has twice received the Golden Plow Award from the American Farm Bureau Federation, making him one of the most decorated legislators of all time.

- As Senate Republican Leader, Senator McConnell has many responsibilities that make attending routine committee hearings very difficult. This is common practice among Senate Leadership as Alison Grimes supporter Harry Reid resigned his committee assignments completely when he became Majority Leader. With his extra work load and influential position, Senator McConnell believes he can best serve Kentucky farmers. 

- When the Farm Bill came up for re-authorization, Senator McConnell led the the fight for Kentucky farmers and used his influence in Senate leadership to secure the best deal possible.

- The legislative language in the Farm Bill that legalized industrial hemp was drafted by Senator McConnell. He used his influence as Republican Leader to ensure that members appointed to the Conference Committee also supported the hemp provision. Senator McConnell also approached House Speaker John Boehner to ensure that his members would include the provision as well. A similar task would not have been possible for an inexperienced, rank-and-file Senator.

- Senator Rand Paul said of Senator McConnell's efforts on the hemp provision, "So I think we really all should understand that we are very privileged to have Senator McConnell and he got this passed for us."

- Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss) said of Senator McConnell's efforts to include hemp language in the Farm Bill, "Mitch McConnell came to me prior to conference beginning and asked me to work with him to improve hemp language in the farm bill, which he considered important to Kentucky. The language included in the conference report, and the accompanying report reflect his influence. Allowing research institutions and state departments of agriculture to cultivate hemp would allow Kentucky farmers, and farmers in other states that allow this type of research, to more fully explore commercial uses of this fiber." 

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- Senator McConnell helped secure the historic tobacco buyout that was worth approximately $2.5 billion to Kentucky. He later helped save the final year of these payments from sequestration cuts.

- Former President of Kentucky Farm Bureau Sam Moore said of McConnell’s role in tobacco buyout, “I don’t think there’s anybody that could have gotten that done except him…I think he used every bit of knowledge he had in the way the system worked to accomplish that. He ran into several roadblocks, but stayed with it until he got it done.” 

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- As the next Senate Majority Leader, Senator McConnell will use his influence to fight for the best interests of all Kentucky farmers.